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Oman Visa
Online Application from UAE

You can apply your Oman visa online

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28 Days Visa Eligibility for Oman Visa with the following professions residence visa holders of GCC

Doctor, Accountant, Engineer, Computer Engineer, Architect, Geologist, Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Flight Engineer, Agriculture Engineer, Budget Specialist, Referee, Technologist, Computer Manager, Project Manager, Software Analyst, Social Specialist, X-Ray technician, Electronic Technician, Dental Technician, Laboratory Technician, Hospital Technician, Translator, Deputy Director, First Counselor, Counselor, Lawyer, Pilot, Co-pilot, Geologist, Programmer, Vessel Supervisor, Businessman, Investor Trading Partner, Pharmacist, Commercial Delegate, Production Executive, Sales Executive, Expert, Supervisor, Scientist, Advisor, Captain, Specialist Treatment, Teacher, Business Woman, Military Officer, Sport Coach, University Director, Archaeologist, Physicist, Chemist, Head of Section, Dental Surgeon, General Manager / Deputy, Director / Deputy, University Teacher, Lecturer, Banker, Project Auditor, School Guidance Officer, Host, Sales Representative, Tour Guide, Broad Caster/Anchor, Officer, Poet, Nurse, Musician, Athletic Organizer, Navigator, Health Observer, Land Surveyor, Artist, Author, Production Assistant, Designer, Employee, Actor, Painter, Athlete, Broker, Cameraman, Section Supervisor, Prospector Raised, Assistant Mechanic, Preacher, Dietician, Journalist, Agriculture Supervisor, Store Inspector, Wireless Operator, Interior Designer, Writer, Mechanic, Generator Operator, Electrician, Printing Operator, Nurse Assistant, Temperament, Coordinator, Specialist, Jeweler, Network Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Prosecutor, Sales and Marketing Representative, Company / Institute Representative, Flight Navigator, Vessel Technician, Film Cameraman, Media Specialist, Director, Marketing Agent, Marketing Specialist

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